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IT General Controls Certificate

Information technology (IT) is the lifeblood of most organizations today. Speed to market has sent most organizations into a technical catapult where annually more processes become technology-driven, whether that technology exists in or outside the organization's data center.

The IIA’s IT General Controls Certificate Program

Enhance your specialized knowledge and showcase your expertise in 12 key areas by completing The IIA’s IT General Controls Certificate Program. Passing the program exam demonstrates your competency in today’s most relevant topics and distinguishes you from your peers.

By the end of this program, internal auditors should:

  • Recognize the importance of the governance of enterprise IT.
  • Associate project delivery with effective and efficient technology-driven processes.
  • Realize the impact technology has on business processes.
  • Identify and access basic IT general controls related to:
    • IT Change Management.
    • Business Resilience.
    • Logical Security.
    • Physical Security.
    • Environmental Controls.
    • IT Operations and Services Management.
    • System Development Life Cycle.