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Privacy and Data Protection: Part 3

Foundation The IIA Feb 29, 2024

Privacy and Data Protection: Part 3

As today's organizations become more reliant on digital technology and collect ever-larger volumes of data, the risks associated with unauthorized access and potential privacy breaches continue to grow. At the same time, the regulatory environment surrounding data protection and privacy is evolving, with governments and standard-setting organizations developing increasingly more comprehensive frameworks to safeguard personal identifiable information

Part 1: “Internal Audit’s Role in Establishing a Resilient Framework.”

Published in 2020, this report focuses on the history and growth of privacy and data protection issues, including the rapidly expanding regulatory context.

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Part 2: “Internal Auditors’ Views on Risks, Responsibilities, and Opportunities.”

Published in 2022, this report offers an assessment of the internal audit profession’s overall response to data protection and privacy issues, based on an extensive survey of internal audit professionals.

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